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Peter Drucker said that businesses exist to create customers. We say that great businesses exist to create a great legacy.

Can’t Buy Me Love!

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What, exactly, are you hoping to achieve with your marketing efforts? A sale? A customer? A raving fan? All of these?

The obvious answer is “a sale”, although the technically correct purpose of marketing is debatable. I Googled this question “What is the purpose of marketing?” and got about 528,000,000 results (in only 0.39 seconds!) And I would wager that there was about 528 different answers with a million versions.

So, what IS the purpose of marketing? Why do you do it?

Wise men say…

I would contend that, in addition to a number of other essential results, the primary purpose of your marketing is to win the hearts and minds of your customers.

The primary function of your marketing is to cause your prospective customers to fall in love with your brand and to keep them in love after they become customers.

And this objective involves every facet of your business. Everything you do becomes a marketing function when viewed through this rose-colored lens. Every stage of your sales cycle, customer life cycle, and business life cycle is intrinsically a part of marketing. Every function, every position, every department – EVERYTHING must work together to win and keep the hearts and minds of your customers.

It don’t happen with one date

Far too many small businesses are short-sighted when it comes to marketing and the goal of winning a customer. Especially those who are engaged in one-off sales of products or services. They remind me of the guy who is great at getting a date with a new girl, but never has another chance with her because he quit romancing her after the first date. (Or worse, even during the date!)

Don’t be that guy.

Just because I am enamored with your website, your offer, your sales staff… you are going to need to keep me entranced with your product or your service, and you will need to keep yourself top of mind once I have become your customer and enthralled with the value and attention you give me.  And – most importantly – you must find ways to keep me wanting to come back for more and telling all my friends about you.

So – are you being romantic enough?